Daqri 4D Dublin Hackathon


Daqri is a company trying to change the way people work in industrial environments by introducing augumented reality into the workplace. They’re most notable for an AR smart helmet they’ve designed and produced (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTp82DbJ-1o). This weekend they concentrated on coordinating an event in DCU Innovation Center in Ireland.

While most participants were from Dublin, some people came from Spain, USA, Poland (me!) and even New Zealand. Apart from networking and getting to know each other, the goal was to develop an augmented reality app.

We were encouraged to use technologies like 4D Studio (web based tool created by Daqri), ARToolkit (open source AR library), Melon (dry-electrode EEG reading headband) or even Daqri Smart Helmet SDK.

I paired up with an italian developer Vincenzo F. to work on his idea of an augmented reality book reader. After a day and a half of struggling with Android SDK, OpenGL and ARToolkit, we managed to code a prototype showing the potential of this technology. You can take a look at a short video here:

Overall attending the hackathon was a very pleasant experience – I had tons of fun, met lots of passionate people, learned a lot about augmented reality and current state of technology.

Daqri is planning to organise another hackathon next year, so you can still experience all the above for yourself. Be sure to follow their twitter profile (@DAQRI) to keep up with what they are up to!



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