Sega’s The Typing of The Dead demo – Unofficial Non-US Patch Released! („Not Supported Language” error solution)

[last update: June 2010]


If you want to play „The Typing of Dead” demo, but „not supported language” error prevents you to do so, here is what you have to do. I’ve tested this solution under Windows XP and Windows 7, it absolutely works.

1) download Typing of The Dead demo from one of the following sites:


You can download the game from other sources, but the patch is not guarteed to be compatible with them (zipped game file should be about 107 MB).

2) download „TOD demo Non-US Patch”:
TOD demo Non-US Patch

3) Place „Tod_e_modified.exe” in the game directory and run the game using this file. And have fun!

Additional note for those who know what md5 sums are (and downloaded the demo or the path from some other source):
39432a29b37c0d252f2394a5107134ce – md5 sum of oryginal Tod_e_demo.exe
07abf0b4db93ca2cd469b0a4420abd95 – md5 sum of Tod_e_demo_modified.exe


Ever played The House of Dead II? Spent uncountable amount of cash, insanely providing the arcade game machine with new rations of shiny little coins? Failed school exam because you had to beat only one more level? Either way, for you this game is a must. For the others, who hasn’t played it yet it is still very interesting title, definitely worth checking out. Although graphics is clearly outdated, great gameplay makes the game so much fun.

Screenshot z gry

Traditional approach to playing the game. Picture taken from

When I found out, that sega made a mod to this zombie-slaughter game which used traditional keyboard instead of a light gun I thought it may be as addictive as the arcade machine version. And I was totaly right – typing instead of simple clicking with mouse has given the game quite different feeling, suprisingly close to arcade version. Plus I have never seen another 3D typing game, it’s still unexplored gaming territory.

But when I tried to download the demo version of „The Typing of The Dead”, unpleasant surprice turned my excitement into disappointment. „Not supported language” error prevented me from turning into ruthless zombie-killer. Apparently the game didn’t run on non-US Windows OS.

I can think of at least 3 solutions to this problem:

1. finding another build
2. downloading full version instead of a demo (but that’s against the law)
3. disassembling the game, modifying it and creating a patch, so anyone could run the demo, regardless of his OS language

Solution nr.1 seemed to be the simplest, but unfortunately other downloadable demo versions I came across were Japanesse or sites which contained them were not free, small fee was required to download any file. Or maybe I overlooked something.

Apparently programmers have completely different definition of fun. Which doesn't even involve playing the game...

Apparently programmers have completely different definition of fun. Which doesn't even involve playing the game...

Solution nr.2 is the simplest one – suprisingly it’s easier to download full game (from rapidshare or megaupload) than a demo version. Some sites contain information, that the game is abandonware – which is simply untrue, I think I saw a game portal which is still selling the game (not a box version, rather as downloadable software). Even if I’m mistaken, the Dreamcast version is still being sell (not only on eBay, e.g. I believe that the game which is still in stock can’t be called abandonware – it’s just like Diablo or Starcraft, which can still be purchased (both games were released even before The Typing of The Dead, i.e. more than 10 years ago). If you’re not concerned about legal issues, you can surely find proper links via google or… youtube, but I don’t advise that, don’t steal from (not-so-)poor Sega.

Finally, there is this third solution. It is the hardest one, requires some IT knowledge and few spare hours. And it’s completely pointless, because of the solution nr.2. Guess what? Yeah, I’ve choosen this way ^^. And I realized that I don’t remember those clever OllyDbg tricks connected with dialog boxes… That’s why it took me like 4 hours (should have taken less than one). Well, I’m not going to became Reverse Engeneer anyway, so I won’t worry about that.

Some links:

Gameplay short movie (watch in HD):
TotD Wikipedia page:

I rarely play any games and if I do, they most often bore me after 15-20 minutes. I spent more than 1,5 hour playing this title, so I recommend it without hesitation!

  1. Dan said:

    I recently heard a PC Gamer Magazine Podcast for an abandonware site called Old School Apps, – the podcast was pretty accurate, this site has a lot of games that have been all but forgotten. It’s worth checking out if you’re into the old games or just want to replay a game from your more youthful days.

    • wyszo said:

      Well, there are quite a lot of sites with abandonware games (which btw. are not really abandonware, the copyrights expire after 50 years and there is not a single computer game that old). And some old games are really precious gems, definitely worth checking out. But… I have no time :-) I mean – I’m a programmer, I prefer to create games than to play them. Lately I really have too little time – and when I have a spare time I’d rather go out and socialize :D And my interest in this particular game came from my desire to create similar game. But again – that requires a lot of effort and for now I don’t have time for even much simpler projects. And that’s also why I haven’t posted anything interesting lately (in a 2-3 weeks time I should have written sth about cryptography and Keccak hash function [in English], I’ll also include my implementation of the algorithm).

  2. Stoned Atheist said:

    I wonder if anyone has ever made an english patch for typing of the dead 2.

    I still play the first one and I simply can’t believe no one has even made an unofficial patch for the second :(


  3. Mary said:

    Keep on working, great job!


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